Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 16-31, 2013 Playlist On The Penguin

Here are the songs in heavy rotation this month on The Penguin. The station plays a mix of these tunes along with songs from previous playlists of the last three years as well as selected songs from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Songs are from artists throughout the world.
Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Close To My Fire
Bill Parton Trio - Falling For You Again
Bob Schneider - Unpromised Land
Bree - I'm The Boss
Brother Monk - Fallin'
Chris Wollard and The Ship Thieves - Zyzoutta
Craig DeMelo - so be it
Darden Smith - I Smell Smoke
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Good Light
Farewell Ember - The Hunter
Gary Reed - When Shadows Fade
Grant Harrison - Just a Little More Often
Isaac James - The Rain
James Bay - When We Were On Fire
Jemson Green - Who Am I
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus - On The Day I Leave This World
Jon Herington - Caroline Yes
Jonathan Torgrimsen - Take It Slow
Ju-Taun - By The River
Kagero - Song From Africa
Kevin Bowe And The Okemah Prophets - Fallen Satellites
Kimon - A Deal Is A Deal
Kristina Stykos - Watershed
License to Chill - Come Back Senorita
Little Dove - Eyes
Lorenzo Bertocchini - Payphones
Mavis Staples - I Like The Things About Me
Mike Mains & The Branches - Love
Morgan Alexander - Just One Hit
Music2Think - Faces Up
Natalie Gelman - Long Stemmed Roses
Nathan Roberts - Wayfaring Stranger
Neil Taylor - It Was Our Day
New Nobility - Asian Girl
Nine Times Blue - New Beginnings
ONE - Folsom Prison Blues
Pasha Black - Everything's Fine
Patches & Gretchen - The Voot
prattle on, rick. - Lately
Reno Divorce - Don't Let It Slip Away
Rodriguez - This Is Not A Song, It's An Outburst: Or, The Establishment
Roger Wayne Parr - Hands/Red Brown
Sarah Petrella - Daughter
Secret Powers - Running At This Pace
Shane Alexander - The Enemy Inside
Shane Cooley - Leaving Arizona
Side FX - The Man I Used To Know
Sir. O - Someone You're Thinking Of
skunkmello - Easy Come, Easy Go
Snow Patrol - Lifening
Sons Of The East - Come Away
Stacie Rose - Walk in the Park
Sweet Davis - Too Shy
Tear Stained Letters - Rare Find
The Alarm - You're Only Young (And Innocent) Once
The Black Clouds - Again
The Black Lillies - The Fall
The Bolts - This Can't Be Real
The Coal Men - Last Goodbye
The Dirty Guv'nahs - Can You Feel It
The John Byrne Band - The Lakes Of Ponchartrain
Toad the Wet Sprocket - California Wasted
Todd Herfindal - Keeping Me Up Nights
Tony Tedesco & Full Fathom 5 - Lesson Hard Learned
Tracorum - I Know a Place
Tri-State - Search Party

well... it's a start

Regular visitors to The Penguin will have noticed a major change in the website look.  We've basically streamlined it.  We wanted to make something that instantly said, "This is an online radio station, here's what is being played, tune in!"

Everything that used to be on the old website will now be on the blog.  That includes things like:

  • The current playlist
  • Latest Adds to the radio station
  • Detailed info on the radio shows
  • How and where to submit music
  • Recently played songs 
We're hoping that people get used to the idea of going to this blog.  It'll soon have much more information that we could ever have done with the old website.  We'll be adding CD reviews, videos, photos from shows, featuring artists, and artist interviews.  It'll be like an online magazine for the radio station.

If you have any questions (or want to chew us out for changing things around) please email me at


-Gary Wien
The Penguin Rocks